Triple Callero Plus Cart – Antimicrobial

Triple Callero Plus antimicrobial treated cart supplied with 12 deep antimicrobial trays.

The metal frames and trays are antimicrobial as they are treated with BioCote® antibacterial additive. This means bacteria and viruses cannot spread on the surfaces and you need no longer solely rely on continual cleaning to guard against infection. You will have built in anti-microbial protection from MRSA and E.coli as well as other infections. The antimicrobial trays are available in translucent or kiwi green tint.

Ideal for general school storage as well as safe hygienic storage of medical, school or first aid equipment.
• Triple width cart
• Larger casters with brakes (3″)
• Metal frames and trays treated with BioCote antimicrobial additive
• Supplied with 12 Deep (F2) trays
• Trays available in a translucent or kiwi tint
• Silver metal trim

Dimensions: 40.2 × 16.9 × 41.5 in

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