Outdoor Learning Rooms

Learning outside of the classroom engages and excites children in spectacular ways, and is as important for children’s development as learning to read and write.Outdoor Classroom Day is celebrated globally on the 23rd May, there has never been a better excuse to take learning outdoors.

Gratnells Learning Rooms’ outdoor learning expert, Dr Katherine Forsey, has put together a collection of her favorite outdoor “What’s In My Tray” activities to help you get outside more with your learners this May.

We’d love to see what you get up to in your school grounds and beyond. Share your pictures with us on social media using #WhatsInMyTray #OutdoorClassroomDay.

Explore Biodiversity

Be it log pile, pond, tree or hedge, knowing who else is inhabiting your Outdoor Learning Room helps teach environmental stewardship and introduces children to the natural world. A few ideas:

• Bugs on Bushes
• Exploring Rock Pools
• Mini-beast Hunt
• Habitat Creation
• Pond Dipping

Access all our outdoor lesson plans for free:

Learning Rooms Lesson Plans

Natural Skeleton Models

Use our large art trays as a canvas for creating skeleton models of three different animals and one human skeleton – just print two copies of the free download and you’ll have a ready-made activity for 32 learners.

Access this free activity:

Stick Skeleton Activity

Access all our outdoor lesson plans for free:

Learning Rooms Lesson Plans

Dinosaur Hunt & Camouflage

Hide a full set of these colorful Dinosaurs in a leafy, area of your school grounds, ideally with good ground cover and plant variety. Grab six Gratnells trays in colours to match the dinosaurs, each with a 6-section tray insert, and head out with your students on a dinosaur hunt.

When the time is up, each team counts their hoard. Who has found the most? Which color was found the most often? Why? Which dinosaurs were the most difficult to find? Search again until all dinosaurs are found. If you were a dinosaur hiding from predators, what color would you choose to be?

Access this free activity:

Dinosaur Hunt Activity

Access all our outdoor lesson plans for free:

Learning Rooms Lesson Plans

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