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Gratnells works with designers, architects, product packagers and manufacturers to create precise custom packaging and storage solutions for products of all types, and each is designed to integrate seamlessly with standard educational furniture and storage solutions worldwide.

Gratnells: The Perfect Fit

In 2018, Robolink turned to Gratnells for help in a redesign of the CoDrone packaging. For the CoDrone kit, Robolink wanted to use the Gratnells SmartCase, a tough, lightweight and versatile storage case that is perfect for delicate parts storage. They sent a set of components to the Gratnells product development team along with a brief to say that the solution should work to house all pre-build components and the assembled drones, spares and controllers. The Gratnells team developed a custom solution of die cut foam inserts with removable sections that would be fully customizable to house all CoDrone components both pre and post build. What’s more, each case was designed to work with existing Gratnells storage furniture, creating the best possible solution.


“The new CoDrone kits look great and people really like them. Customers love the way the parts are laid out and say they just can’t wait to start building.

The Gratnells team were able to take feedback and reach a solution that made sense despite have a pretty tough set of parameters for the CoDrone case to meet.”

—  Wes Hsu, VP of UX & Design at Robolink         

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Gratnells looks forward to partnering with your firm to develop durable, safe, and protective packaging and storage solutions for your products.

We have a team of design and manufacturing experts that provide collaborative, hands-on expertise, and we have the technology and equipment to manufacture your custom packaging solution in-house.

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