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The 2018 Worlddidac Association award-winning Gratnells MakerSpace trolley, launched in early 2018, is designed to respond to the growing trend for collaborative learning. Developed and manufactured exclusively by Gratnells, the MakerSpace Trolley reflects the growing trend to expand science, technology, engineering, arts and math in schools.

The MakerSpace trolley can be configured with a variety of tray and storage bin options to promote the self-selection of components used by students during STEM and STEAM activities. Storage pegs and clips can be fixed to the backboard and side panels in many arrangements reflecting industry solutions to organizing tools and implements. With safety in mind, the trolley features an engineered steel frame, large lockable castors, a solid work surface and easy cable management.


Every child’s introduction to the world of education is shaped and defined by the physical environment.

Each child needs to share space for play, to own space for personal belongings and to feel welcome in the space to learn.

The role of Gratnells Learning Rooms in the physical environment in which teachers teach and children learn – as explained in the concept of the third teacher – embodies a number of principles which designers can use to inform their work.

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