Gratnells antimicrobial trays

Gratnells Anti-Microbial Trays and Carts

Gratnells has been producing antimicrobial trays in the UK for the medical sector for years. In these extraordinary times, Gratnells is increasing production to help ensure the safety of schools, offices, and home environments.We are now making available our medical-grade carts to those who need to ensure surfaces stay sanitary and healthy.

The antimicrobial finish on our carts is proven to reduce micro organisms, such as bacteria, mold and fungi as well as the influenza A H1N1 virus by up to 99.99% on protected surfaces. Our special anti-microbial BioCote chemical is also mixed in with the durable tray materials to provide the same level of protection to our anti-microbial trays.

For more information on how to purchase our medical-grade anti-microbial trays and carts, email us directly.